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Welcome to the discussion forum.  

The next topic is on "Tools in Estimating Carbon Sequestration and GHG emissions in Land Use Projects". 

Follow this short self-paced e-course on this subject - click: http://einstitute.worldbank.org/ei/course/estimating-ghg-emissions-and-carbon-sequestration-agriculture-forestry-and-other-land-use-ex- 

(Note: you will need to register a Moodle account to take the course following the instruction on the above webpage.  After confirmation, click "Logon" using enrollment key EGHGFY15.  )

We hope you have had fun learning the eCourse.  Here are a few questions – please share your views or post your questions here (register a new account, or log in first). During Oct. 7-13, experts will be available online to answer your questions. Please also feel free to exchange your experience with peers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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